Battista Pipe

The self-extinguishing Battista pipe offers the purest flavor; Hints of citrus become sharp, your blueberries flow with a velvety tail, pine has a wide breadth that rests on your gums. Once the Battista is mastered it will exhibit your products true flavor and there is nothing like it.

High Times - Deathcache Battista Hot Product

The Battista was listed as a HOT product in the October 2016 Issue of High Times

2016 October Issue of High Times - Battista listed as a hot product!    2016 October Issue of High Times - Battista listed as a hot product!

The Battista is self extinguishing and naturally keeps the smoke cool. This is a discreet pipe you can drop in your pocket on your way to the club, theater, networking event and grass concerts. People are intrigued by this pipe. 

The Battista offers an uncluttered experience without gimmicks. It’s easy to use and effortless to keep clean. It can be used alone, or as a slide in any 9MM, 10MM, 11MM, or 12MM stem water pipe, or bong.


You can fit roughly 3X the amount of product in our Battista compared to a traditional bat or as much as most chillums. Roughly 0.4 - 0.7 grams.

Our Battista is manufactured to the highest standards using materials that are extremely difficult to work. The Battista takes time and patience to manufacture correctly and we don't skip any steps in the process. The result is a product that will not only perform but last a lifetime. This is the way we would want it, and we wouldn't produce anything less. 

We know you’ll be proud to experience our product and it makes an even better gift!

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Quality Craftsmanship

Heat treated for durability with a polished finish and solid weight for a high quality feel.

Precision Engineering

Designed to limit extraneous gases, increase velocity of smoke and limit hotspots.

Exceptional Performance

Smooth smoke, uniform burn. Low heat transfer means quick cooling.


Using technology and materials typically reserved for high technology and advanced manufacturing, we've developed a novel approach to pipe manufacturing. One that is not only beautiful and on the highest end of quality but also saves product and preserves the products natural flavors.

Sure, we could have sourced this in East Asia and flooded the market with dirt cheap pipes that don't work anywhere near advertised claims using lead contaminated paints or aluminum, copper or nickel substrates with high toxicty and a terrible taste. That just doesn't make any sense to us. We spend our days manufacturing products of the highest quality and performance. We have no interest in producing products that aren't designed and manufactured to the same standards. 

We are American Craftsmen. Our world is filled with hard earned pride. We’ve earned the respect of educators, engineers, students, inventors, scientists and physicists through our hard work and ability to work with near impossible engineering demands.

We live in a space where we’re challenged to solve complex manufacturing and engineering demands. We live in a world where our tolerance for error falls in the range of 0.005” (0.13MM) on average and down to 0.0001” (0.002MM). Through this we have to understand how to go beyond the problem statement and apply it to the real world.

We’ve taken our experience and applied it to a market we thought was lacking in ingenuity and real world engineering. Tossing all the gimmicks aside, we worked tirelessly to create a product and brand we’re proud of. Not only that, we know you’ll be proud to participate in the Deathcache pipe experience. Enjoy!


Please visit our How It Works page for more detailed information on the Battista.