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Deathcache products for cannabis

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The Deathcache family of products have zero effect on flavor and no toxicity. We control heat through the thermodynamics of feature design, limiting exposure to amospheric gases and material selection.  

Our products are designed to express as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible without reaching temperatures above 400 degrees, avoiding the combustion point of cannabis. Our theory is that by limiting oxygen through orifice design and flow control, and by controlling heat that we’re able to walk through cannabinoid vaporization gradients achieving more comprehensive cannabinoid expression.

Our customers always mention a few things after using our products vs. the competition -

- The cannabis is more flavorful using our products.
- The effects of cannabis consumption using our products are broader and more effective.
- The cannabis is significantly smoother, or less harsh, using our products.
- The odor during and after consumption using our products is more floral, or less stinky.
- They get more life out of their cannabis using our products.

To learn more about how our products work, please click the link below.

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Deathcache products for cannabis

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Using technology and materials typically reserved for high technology and advanced manufacturing, we've developed a novel approach to pipe manufacturing. One that is not only beautiful and on the highest end of quality but also saves product and preserves the products natural flavors.


Please visit our How It Works page for more detailed information on our products.